What happens if the Software Developer is not able to maintain your software?


In both of these scenarios, the user is faced with the situation where it wishes to enhance or debug the application, but the software developer is not longer able to give that support because of:

  • Takeover by another company which does not wish to provide support
  • Old version of the application
  • Loss of key development staff
  • Insufficient resources/time to undertaken the work as promised in the support agreement


What can you do?

  • Negotiate with the developer to provide the level of service promised
  • Get hold of the source code for the application and take control yourself.



  • Arrange for the source code to be placed in escrow when you are negotiating the development or provision of the software solution
  • Arrange for the source code to be placed in escrow as soon as possible
  • Include in your business risk plan, the mitigation strategy of having business critical source code in escrow.  Include it in your Disaster Recovery plan, the scenario of developer failure.  Periodically simulate the scenario.