The certification program is there to give users of the software the best user experience possible.


The CfMD program’s achievement standards have to be met in order for an application to be granted Certified for Microsoft Dynamics status.


One of those steps is to have to source code in escrow, which is where we come in as an Industry Partner with Microsoft.



1.      Why should the source code be in escrow, when for some applications, the source code is open?

The use of the source code is bound up in the license agreement, if the license agreement prevents the user from modifying the application (open source or not), then the user will have legal impediments on maintaining the application.  The escrow agreement overrides those impediments.


2.      How long does it take to get access to the source code?

The timing clauses in the escrow agreement dictate the duration.  In practical terms, for a simple unchallenged release as short as a week or two.  For challenged releases, the final release can be measured in months from the date of first request.


3.      Who pays?

Ultimately the user pays.  The user pays directly via an invoice from ourselves or the user pays indirectly via the developer’s service fees.  In this case, we invoice the developer and the developer passes the cost through to the user in the maintenance fees or support fees.